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It's our bread & butter.


Strategy Development

We begin at the end with what you're really after. To know where to publish, how often, how long videos should last, what you're going to say and how you're going to say it, we need to establish where you're headed.

Video inserts more 'human' into the written work you're  known for. It moves audiences from the head (knowledge) to the heart (feeling), and that's what builds trust.


This often looks like excavating your story and studying your audience with a fine-tooth comb. By the time that blinking red light turns on, you'll be ready.

FROM $2,000


Strategy + Remote Production

After we strategize (see above), two choices: script or interview?


Each have their strengths. If we script, we'll synthesize ideas you've relayed in books, articles, etc. into a powerful story in a voice that appeals to your audience while emphasizing your lane of genius. If we interview, we'll develop a sequence of thought-provoking questions to cover key points from multiple angles. 

Next, DIY camera + lighting kits are shipped to your home so you can put your best foot forward. Recording live through Zoom, we coach you on delivery every step of the way. 


When we wrap, simply upload the footage to the cloud, then sit back and relax while we work our editing magic to illustrate your ideas with simple motion graphics + stock video. 

FROM $10,000


Strategy + On-location Production

Same process as remote production (including strategy), only in person with fancier gear and on-location interviews. All you've got to do is show up!


To get to that next-level intimacy, we'll film you interacting with sights and sounds on your home turf. This way, we can show - not just talk about - your ideas in action. 

Then, we pack up and invest h.o.u.r.s. editing to craft a unique look and feel that stays true to who you are and resonates with your unique audience. 

FROM $10,000

Let's start with a conversation. 

Find out if our expertise can amplify yours with a free 30 minute Zoom call. 

Email to set up a time.

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