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To change the world with your ideas, don't be an expert.
Be a human. 

We need YOU.

You, who sees the world for what it could be.

You, who leads with empathy.

You, who is ready to dig deeper to reach higher heights.

Your ideas are making waves. 

The New York Times, Harvard Business Review.

But you want more.

More impact.
More influence.

When people wrestle with a challenge, you want colleagues to say, "Oh, you need [insert your name here]; they've battle-tested those ideas."

You have answers to questions people are asking.  And yet, the world is a very noisy place with lots of opinions and millions of choices.

To influence our thinking - to become the engine of our imagination - you've got to rise above the noise.

But how?

You don't want to shout. 
You want to sing.
(Well, not literally)


You need to earn our trust.

Humans trust what they understand and connect with on a regular basis.

Change happens when you engage in dialogue - when you
teach people how to think, not just what to do.  

That's why, when you're trying to influence decision-makers:

What you say - and how you say it - matters.

"But, wait!" You're thinking. "This isn't about me. It's about my ideas!"

Yes, and.

You could have the most brilliant ideas, the most earth-shattering solutions. 

But if we can't connect as human beings - if you don't speak in simple language with heart-felt emotion - we won't listen and your ideas won't gain traction.  

It's all about nuance.

Knowledge + empathy = connection.

Connection leads to trust.

Trust is the fuel that spreads ideas.

But watch out - people can smell fake a mile away.

That's why we pull back the curtain, step into your story and up to the microphone of your choice.

Yes, it's scary.
Yes, it's hard to navigate.
But that's why TLM exists.

First and foremost, we're your thought partner, your sherpa on the way to the top.

Second, we're
visual storytellers, brand strategists & video producers translating your complex ideas so they connect to your audience's head and heart.

Third, we're human, just like you.

Ready to show up, day in and day out?

With brilliance and vulnerability?

Truth and inspiration?

And radiant storytelling on- and off-camera?

Deep breaths. We've got this. 

Hey! We're
Thought Leader Media

So nice to meet you!

Our Story

We yearned to make a difference,

to use our expertise to amplify yours.

But first, we had to ground ourselves in truth.

In what is, and what could be.

It took courage. It took humility.


And a resolute belief that we've got what it takes to help you shed light on the world's greatest challenges.

That's right, we're just like you.


The key to our success is your courage.

"There's vibrancy and immediacy to the product you create. You make what a person has to say much more powerful."


Professor, Harvard Business School

"I am simply blown away by what you have created. This is incredible!"


Professor, Harvard Business School

"AMAZINGLY creative and skilled, passionate storyteller and producer. You bring an open mind, inquisitive nature, strategic focus, and eagerness to collaborate."


VP, Global Professional Development, Bain & Company

"These videos are AMAZING! Game changer. You're a magician - such a gifted person in every way. No one can edit like you."


Professor, Harvard Business School

Pull Back The Curtain
Human Dispatches  is an invitation to speak human for greater impact  & influence. It's so much more than a newsletter -- it's our private corner of the internet to experiment, think out loud, and dream BIG.

You're in! You'll hear from us shortly.

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