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Speaking Human-First with Mary Knox Miller

EP 2.7 Derrick Feldmann

Decoding Social Change

Original Air Date

May 23, 2024

How do movements gain enough traction to get people to take concrete action? How does a movement even come to be?

Understanding the nuances of what truly motivates human behavior – not just thoughts and opinions –  is crucial for driving meaningful change in our society.

Derrick Feldman, an internationally recognized researcher and advisor on social issues, movements, and consumer public action, brings his expertise to our discussion. We delve into how to ask questions to uncover what people truly believe about social issues, the significance of interpreting intentions versus actions, and the importance of humanizing data when communicating our findings.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Derrick’s early-career experience in state government galvanized him to dig deeper into what moves people to take action for social change

  • The challenges of designing research that accounts for biases from participants, researchers, and even funders. 

  • Why it’s vital to bring diverse voices and experiences into the room when designing and implementing research

  • The power of asking, “Why did you contact me?” when deciding what new projects to take on as a business owner

  • The importance of context and storytelling for making sense of data in ways that stick with your audiences or stakeholders


Learn more about Derrick Feldman:

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EP 2.7 Derrick Feldmann

Leading Researcher and Advisor on Social Issues, Movements, and Consumer Public Action


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