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Speaking Human-First with Mary Knox Miller

EP 2.3 David Allison

Shattering Stereotypes with Valuegraphics

Original Air Date

April 25, 2024

Our world is increasingly data-driven, especially when understanding our audiences, but what if the metrics we’re using are incomplete?

David Allison, a renowned marketing strategist and the innovative mind behind Valuegraphics, argues that, at best, demographics only provide a partial picture of a person and, at worst, reinforce biases and stereotypes. This is where values fill the gaps and offer a more comprehensive understanding. 

David and his team have not just identified 56 universally shared values, but they've also made them actionable. By adopting a values-based approach to communication, we can challenge our unconscious assumptions and gain predictive insights into what truly engages, motivates, and inspires our audience. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How our values drive everyday choices, large and small–

  • How demographic data perpetuates stereotypes and hinders social change

  • How acknowledging our common values helps build consensus and move us forward

  • How the core 56  values break down into nuanced and actionable definitions and interpretations

  • Three key questions to begin uncovering people’s values


Learn more about David Allison:

Learn more about Mary Knox Miller:


EP 2.3 David Allison

Human values expert, Keynote speaker, Founder of the Valuegraphics Research Company


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